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Teenagers Project to Explore Child Poverty

Posted on 12 Sep 2013

A Child in Poverty is a Child in Need Did you know that in the UK today, there are roughly around 3.6 million children living in poverty? That’s almost ...Read More

Islington FC: Spirited Levellers

Posted on 11 Sep 2013

Despite its swanky reputation, the London Borough of Islington is home to serious deprivation. It is the most densely populated and the fourteenth most deprived local authority in England. ...Read More

Just Deserts – Poverty and income inequality

Posted on 10 Sep 2013

Can workplace democracy make a difference? Forward This most timely report provides an important analysis of deep-rooted problems in the UK’s labour market. It presents an insightful critique of ...Read More

Welcome from Chris White MP Vice-Chair APPG Poverty

Posted on 08 Sep 2013

Despite the growth of our economy over the past two hundred years, poverty remains with us. Although the forms may have changed, many thousands of people across our country ...Read More

From big society to good society

Posted on 08 Sep 2013

Civil society should not be a substitute for the state but an addition to it writes Barry Knight, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, in The New Statesman Rarely ...Read More

Young People’s Thoughts on Child Poverty Policy

Posted on 08 Sep 2013

The Child Poverty Act committed the Government to ending child poverty by 2020, and producing an evolving child poverty strategy to signpost the way. While such an important strategy ...Read More

A Series of Doors

Posted on 08 Sep 2013

Young people talking about the experience of poverty Introduction and context In our work on poverty we have been struck by the extent to which the voices of children ...Read More

‘Working for their poverty’: Moving beyond Labour’s Minimum Wage

Posted on 07 Sep 2013

The campaign for a Living Wage is about offering people dignity in work and empowering the disadvantaged in society. A living wage can lift families out of poverty, helping ...Read More