About Us

The goal of our work is:

‘To increase understanding of poverty among parliamentarians and to seek all party solutions, while drawing on a range of outside people and knowledge’.

Main activities

In 2018 the APPG on Poverty will focus on the Poverty Premium – the dilemma that people living in poverty pay more for essential goods and services. Recent research shows that low-income households pay a poverty premium of £490 per year.

The APPG plans to run an inquiry examining how and why poorer households experience the poverty premium and explore ways in which this can be addressed by government and business. Please get in touch if you could like to participate in the poverty premium inquiry.

Officers & Members of the APPG on Poverty

  • Kevin Hollinrake MP – Co-Chair
  • Neil Gray MP – Co-Chair
  • Baroness Ruth Lister – Vice-Chair
  • Heidi Allen MP – Vice-Chair
  • Lord Bird – Vice-Chair
  • Patricia Gibson MP – Treasurer
  • Roger Godsiff MP – Secretary
  • Lyn Brown MP – Officer
  • Lord Jeff Rooker – Officer
  • Baroness Anne Healy of Primrose Hill – Officer
  • Emma Dent-Coad MP – Officer
  • Dr Philippa Whitford MP – Officer

2018 APPG on Poverty meetings

2017 APPG on Poverty meetings

2016 APPG on Poverty meetings

Previous Reports and Publications

In previous years the APPG focused on:

  1. Children’s voices – a Children’s Manifesto addressing what to do about poverty
  2. Civil society – the role civil society can play in the reduction of poverty
  3. Business & Poverty – the responsibility of business to reduce poverty and what it can do in practice