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6 July 2017 – From poverty to security: developing solutions grounded in the expertise of experience

Posted on 22 Jun 2017

Join the Webb Memorial Trust and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty for a timely discussion on how best to address the problems of poverty and insecurity in ...Read More

20 July 2017 – Taxpayers Against Poverty: Health Equality Seminar

Posted on 17 Mar 2017

Taxpayers Against Poverty: Health Equality Seminar  Following the success of TAP’s affordable housing series in November 2016, this event will explore the alarming depth of health inequality in modern Britain. The speakers ...Read More

New ebook: Housing, poverty and the good society: what can we achieve by 2025?

Posted on 26 Jan 2017

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, which was heavily influenced by Beatrice and Sidney Webb’s research on social reform. The report offered a post-war strategy for ...Read More

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Housing and Social Security

Updated on 22 Jun 2017

It is lovely to see you in the Chair, Mr Deputy Speaker, and I welcome the new Secretary of State to his place.This has been an extensive debate. There were 24... Read in full

Terrorist Attacks - Statement

Updated on 22 Jun 2017

My Lords, with the leave of the House I shall now repeat a Statement delivered in the other place by my right honourable friend the Home Secretary.“With... Read in full

UK Poverty in the Press

Theresa May just found a magic money tree to prop up her 'zombie' government, at the expense of ...

Updated on 26 Jun 2017

If we want to reduce poverty, if we want to reduce the need for people to use food banks, it's that we have got to have a strong economy that creates ... Read in full

Jeremi Brad Brewer's Page

Updated on 26 Jun 2017

Jeremi Brad Brewer's Page on Business Fights Poverty. Read in full

Rural resilience in communities

Updated on 26 Jun 2017

Fuel poverty also has obvious implications to health at a time when a record number of GP practices are being run directly by health boards amid a ... Read in full