Taxpayers Against Poverty: Health Equality Seminar

Taxpayers Against Poverty: Health Equality Seminar 

Following the success of TAP’s affordable housing series in November 2016, this event will explore the alarming depth of health inequality in modern Britain. The speakers will examine the socio-economic factors that govern life chances and health outcomes.

Over the course of nine weeks Dr Angela Donkin of the Institute of Health Equity, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett of the Equality Trust and Dr Carl Walker, of the University of Brighton and of Psychologists Against Austerity will blog for TAP on income, debt, hunger & health.

The seminar on 20 July, co-hosted by TAP and the APPG on Poverty, will be an opportunity to discuss the ideas arising from TAP’s health equality blog series and and to hold a wider debate on the causes and consequences of health inequality. 

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Chair: Baroness Molly Meacher, cross-bench peer, Chair of the APPG on Drug Policy Reform and former Chair of the East London NHS Foundation Trust


  • David Finch – The living standards and equality outlook, Resolution Foundation
  • Dr Angela Donkin – Working across government to improve well-being and reduce costs, Institute of Health Equity
  • Professor Richard Wilkinson – The impact of inequality, Equality Trust
  • Professor Kate Pickett – The impact of inequality on children, Equality Trust
  • Maddy Power –  Food Banks,  University of York
  • Carl Walker –  The burden of human suffering that follows austerity,  University of Brighton
  • Rev Paul Nicolson – Sanctions, the job centre and the magistrates court, Taxpayers Against Poverty

Please arrive at Portcullis House by 17.45 in order to pass through the airport-style security checks. You may be asked for ID. Information about visiting Parliament can be found here

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