About Us

Please note:

During the dissolution of Parliament, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty ceases to exist. We hope to reform after the General Election.

The goal of our work is:

‘To increase understanding of poverty among parliamentarians and to seek all party solutions, while drawing on a range of outside people and knowledge’.

Main activities in the last parliament

In 2020-21, the APPG on Poverty ran a short inquiry on the £20 uplift to universal credit and working tax credits and the impact of not maintaining the uplift permanently as well as the impact of not extending it to legacy and other benefits.

The APPG received written submissions from over 20 organisations and individuals. Following this, the APPG held an evidence session over Zoom where the group heard evidence from people with lived experience of the social security system along with a variety of third sector organisations.

You can read the report summarising the group’s findings here.

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Officers of the APPG on Poverty as of March 2024

  • David Linden MP – Chair and Registered Contact
  • Baroness Ruth Lister – Co-Chair
  • Baroness Philippa Stroud – Officer
  • Beth Winter MP – Officer

Members of the APPG on Poverty as of May 2024

  • Afzal Khan MP
  • Caroline Lucas MP
  • Cat Smith MP
  • Debbie Abrahams MP
  • Deidre Brock MP
  • George Galloway MP
  • Ian Byrne MP
  • James Grundy MP
  • John McDonnell MP
  • John Nicolson MP
  • Marion Fellows MP
  • Rachael Maskell MP
  • Rebecca Long Bailey MP
  • Robin Millar MP
  • Stephen Crabb MP
  • Stephen Timms MP
  • Stewart McDonald MP
  • Yasmin Qureshi MP
  • Baroness Healy 
  • Baroness Primarolo
  • Lord Bird
  • Lord Bishop of Leicester, Martyn Snow
  • Lord Davies of Brixton

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Previous Reports and Publications

In previous years the APPG focused on:

  1. Children’s voices – a Children’s Manifesto addressing what to do about poverty
  2. Civil society – the role civil society can play in the reduction of poverty
  3. Business & Poverty – the responsibility of business to reduce poverty and what it can do in practice