Reports and research on the Poverty Premium

Posted on 15 Feb 2019 under Poverty Premium

A bank of existing research and reports from business, academics and civil society on the poverty premium and related topics.

The scale and impact of the poverty premium

Measuring the Poverty Premium (Social Market Foundation, 2018)

Eliminating the poverty premium in energy (Social Market Foundation, 2018)

The Poverty Premium in Tower Hamlets (Toynbee Hall, 2014)

An extra 7 years before I’m debt free: the effect of the poverty premium on debt advice service users (Toynbee Hall, 2016)

Paying to be poor: uncovering the scale and nature of the poverty premium (University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre, 2016)

Making the Poverty Premium History: A practical guide for business and policy makers (University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre, 2016)

Paying more to be poor: The poverty premium in energy, telecommunications and finance in Scotland (Citizens Advice Scotland, 2016)

Still Addressing the Poverty Premium A report for Citizens Advice Scotland by Cambium Advocacy (Citizens Advice Scotland, 2015)

food, fuel, finance tackling the poverty premium (Church Action on Poverty, 2014)

Paying over the odds? Real-life experiences of the poverty premium (Church Action on Poverty, 2010)

Being Poor Shouldn’t Cost More: A roadmap for tackling the Poverty Premium (Fair By Design, 2018)

The Poverty Premium in Greater Manchester (Greater Manchester Poverty Action, 2018)

Statement on Visit to the United Kingdom (Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, 2018)

High-cost credit

Final Notice for the Unaffordable Lending Industry (Debt Hacker, 2018)

Child poverty

A fair start for every child: Why we must act now to tackle child poverty in the UK (Save the Children, 2014)

Feeling the Pinch: full report and summary (End Child Poverty, 2017)

Young people’s submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty & Human Rights (The Equality Trust, 2018)

Mental health and disability

The disability price tag [policy report and technical report] (Scope, 2018)

Levelling the Playing Field: How regulators can support consumers with mental health problems (Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, 2017)

Business solutions

The Employer’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing (Salary Finance, 2018)

Mental Health at Work 2018 Report – Seizing the Momentum (Business in the Community, 2018)


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